Saturday, April 21, 2012


Tonight is Kendra's Senior Prom. It is actually Junior/Senior Prom, but she didn't go last year, because she wanted it to be special. I thought that was a good idea, because it just wouldn't be as special for her. She isn't going with a boyfriend or someone she has been dating. She is going with a good friend, and that is perfectly fine with me. I don't think it will be any less special. She says she will be able to have more fun that way, and be able to "be herself." The theme of the Prom is "An Evening in Paris," so we looked for the perfect dress and found it a few months ago.

Due to my current medical problems I am unable to be there. When we moved we made the decision to allow her to finish the last few months at the high school she had been going to for her entire high school career so to speak, so she is nearly 2 hours away. I am unable to drive, and my husband has Military Drill all weekend. So, here I sit missing my daughter's one and only Prom. She has been calling me and texting me pictures of her hair, the beautiful pins she is putting in her hair, and silly pics of her and her bestie just getting ready. Her bestie Kaitlyn's mom can't be there either, because her father passed away, so they are both motherless this weekend.

Kendra has assured me that they have a strict schedule, and her date's mother has arranged for professional pictures which makes me VERY happy!! The girls are having a ball doing each other's hair. They went yesterday and had manicures, pedicures, and their eyebrows waxed. So, they are having a good time. Pictures at 4pm, Dinner at 5:30pm, and so on...I hope MY Princess has the night of a princess!! I love you more than life Kendra! Have a Ball at the BALL!!!

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