Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life's Little Lessons

I'm sitting here on Saturday night watching TV by myself. No one else is up, and I hear it begin to rain. I had a discussion with myself earlier about whether or not it was going to rain. I felt like it was going to as I was watering my tomato plants. LOL I was under the ever so watchful eye of my husband while he was cutting the grass, and we had a short discussion about giving the garden a bit of water since it had not rained in a couple of days, and we had not watered since it had rained. All of my instincts told me that it was going to rain, yet I dragged that hose out anyway. Plus I rationalized it by telling myself that if I didn't do it that he would do it anyway, which he would have. I've been feeling pretty useless around the house as far as the outside work. My balance is off, so I have to be very careful not to fall, so I felt good about watering.....

Until I heard the rain.....I should have listened to my little voice and just sat outside and enjoyed being outside. I should have fed the fish (which I did anyway after I watered the garden) and watched them roll the water. I should have just enjoyed BEING, and I should understand that I don't have to be DOING to be useful. I still have my original thoughts and feelings. I can still love, laugh, smell, taste, and enjoy the simple things.....I also realized that when I have discussions with myself I don't stutter. LOL

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